There are days when you want to surprise your best friends or play a trick on them. Coming up with an idea may be heard but now, telephone hunter has found a solution for you.  After days of silencebetween you and your best friend, you may need an ice breaker to get you talking again. Well, how about surprising them and by telling them that you can locate their exact location at the moment. Using technology developed by,you have the opportunity to find you missing friends. With this technology,you do not have to goaround the globe trying to find an individual. All you need is a phone number, and you will be able to find them within no time.  There are just a few clicks that you will have tomake to complete the task.

You need to enter the number of your best friend into the phone tracking tool. Look for the “Start Phone Tracking” and click on the button. The process is almost done by now, and all you have to do is wait. A new page will reload, and a search dialog will appear. The dialog works to scan the entire world for the number you entered. You will only wait for an average 45 seconds for this process to be completed. Make sure that the connection does not break while the process is continuing.You may also want to hang around while the process loads in case you prompted to add information.

After the process is completed, you will see the exact location of your best friend. In case the location did not appear, do not get worried that your friend has vanished off the earth. It might be an error of entry when adding the number to the machine. Please check the number and follow the process carefully. Youwill have succeeded to find you friend and not it is time you pull that prank. Thanks to telephone hunter new technology.

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