It has become knowledge that GPS technology and smartphone applications are recording data regarding people’s daily habits from the things they buy, places they buy it, and time when they make the purchase. Even people’s sleeping habits, banking accounts, and travel habits are not considered secret anymore. Thus, one can say that the device in your pocket, the one you use to make phone calls is not really a phone but a tracking device.

This has somehow made life convenient. Think about not worrying how to get to a new destination or being able to locate your loved ones and assets easily. However, there is some sort of Wellesian element to it, especially with the recent disclosures regarding government surveillance on people’s personal information. With the increasing reliance of society to smartphones, social media, and cloud-based services, it is easier to ferret information from everybody even without a search warrant all under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Even when the President assured everybody during a press conference that nobody is listening to your phone calls, he added that concessions must sometimes be made since it is the government’s priority to protect and preserve the nation against terrorist attacks. He further said that there is no assurance of total security without compromising privacy and inconvenience. He further disclosed that the government’s phone locating program only accesses basic meta data which comprises of the phone number and the length of the conversation.

Then, there’s the fascinating new technology of frictionless sharing where social networks notify your friends regarding your activities. And along with frictionless sharing comes frictionless surveillance. Although people request some form of tracking, like a mapping request, a lot of these are done without your knowledge. These invasive services seem irresistible to consumers as millions now own smartphones packed with different types of tracking sensors connected to the Internet.

Aside from this, experts on GPS technology even present an almost diabolical element regarding this. Recent research says that by verifying your geographical information with that of your family and friends, it is possible to accurately predict your future location which requires nothing more but your cellphone data.

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